Service Life Extension Program (SLEP)

End-user’s equipment continues to experience increased usage and fatigue due to field and contingency operations. Higher than expected utilization rates and fatigue caused by operating environment and tasks requirements are resulting in reduced service life expectancies for some of the end-user’s equipment. This is leading to new and emerging requirements for capital planning and users equipment replacement and recapitalization.

The Service Life Extension Program, or SLEP, is a government-implemented option that can extend the service life of a large asset. The opportunity of extension can save money. This extension introduces an upgrade of older technology to newer and faster technology. Determinations need to be made to verify if it is technologically possible and cost effective to upgrade an asset or to build an entirely new one.

LPS works with end-users and OEM to establish a SLEP in order to provide a more efficient, effective support for the aged equipment at a lower cost.  We assess the conditions of the selected systems and determines the findings required to keep your system/equipment operational for the needed extended time. Our SLEP program will identify  major maintenance, improvement, modernization, as well as replacement of mechanical, electrical and electronic parts.