The purpose of the Maintainability Program is to improve operational readiness, reduce maintenance manpower needs, reduce life cycle cost and to provide data essential for management. Our objective is to assure attainment of the maintainability requirements of the acquisition.

LPS will establish and maintain an effective maintainability program that is planned, integrated, and developed in conjunction with our clients design, development, and production functions to permit the most cost effective achievement of overall program objectives. We identify maintainability interface/s with the LSA process and RAM-S. Using latest technology, software and databases including models we complete the following maintainability quantitative measures on your system.

  • Mean -Time-To-Repair (MTTR)
  • Mean-Time-To-Restore-System (MTTRS)
  • Mission-Time-To-Restore-Functions (MTTRF)
  • Direct Man-hours per Maintenance Action (DMH/MA)
  • Mean Equipment Corrective Maintenance Time Required to Support a Unit Hour of Operating Time (MTUT),
  • Maintenance Ratio (MR)
  • Mean Time to Service (MTTS)
  • Mean Time Between Preventive Maintenance (MTBPM)
  • Mean Preventive Maintenance Time (MPMT)
  • Probability of Fault Detection
  • Proportion of Faults Isolatable and Reconfiguration Times
  • Maintainability/Testability Demonstration (MD), and more