Maintenance Analysis

Maintenance is founded on the principle that the useful service life of equipment is achieved when the item is operated within its intended purpose and parameters and is maintained in accordance with its designed or engineered specifications. When an equipment item achieves its useful service life, the end-user will use acquisition or recapitalization to replace or renew service life of the equipment. The end-user usually relies on four core maintenance processes to manage equipment during the course of its useful service life to achieve a high state of readiness. They are performance observation, scheduled services, fault repair, and single-standard overhaul.

LPS supportability – maintenance program is designed to improve your system operational readiness, reduce maintenance manpower needs, reduce life cycle cost and provide data essential for management decision. Our objective is to assure attainment of the maintenance requirements of the acquisition .  We establish and maintain an effective maintenance program that is planned, integrated, and developed to permit the most cost effective achievement of overall program objectives. The maintenance program will include:

  • Design maintenance specific to your system
  • Design system(s) Preventive, Corrective and Scheduled maintenance with procedures
  • Maintenance management/technical resources,
  • Maintenance plans,
  • Maintenance schedule,
  • Maintenance controls for the work needed to assure achievement of maintenance requirements,
  • FRACAS, RCM, LORA, LRU and other related ILS required information are covered in our programs