Hazard analysis is an approach used to assess the risk and it is the heart of the system safety effort. It is an examination of a system or subsystem to identify and classify each potential hazard according to its severity and likelihood of occurrence and to develop mitigation measures to those hazards to protect the System(s) and public.

LPS start with identifying potential hazards and determining preventive and corrective measures. We use one or combination of the fault modelling techniques such as Failure Mode Effect Analysis including Criticality (FMEA/FMECA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), Event Tree Analysis (ETA), Cause/Effect Analysis, Human Error Analysis, Functional Hazard Analysis (FHA), to identify safety and hazards issues to cope with failures (in mechanical, electrical and electronic systems).

  • PHA Preliminary hazards analysis
  • SSHA Subsystems hazards analysis
  • SHA/IHA System/Integrated Hazard Analysis
  • O&SHA Operating and Support Hazard Analysis
  • HAZID Hazards identification study