RAM is engineering customer trust. (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability.)

Product Support & Systems Assurance Programs.

Response to contractual requirement and captures system performance throughout program life cycle in terms of ILS and RAM-S

New Technology Programs

Develop complex support solutions.

Oil and Gas Programs

Enhance customer profitability and productivity in a cost effective, timely, and colaborative manner.

Welcome to Lifecycle Product Support

LPS Canada Inc. specializes in ILS, Systems Assurance and Supportability Engineering to improve productivity and safety.

LPS using specialized software, reliability models and variety databases with complete understanding of MIL-STD, MIL SPEC, MIL-HDBK and European Standards on selected sectors will make sure that your systems perform as required in desired environment, in budget, without excessive failures, delays, interrupted service, or hazards through out their program lifecycle. Your systems availability, readiness, reliability, performance and supportability improvements including life extension and cost reduction is our specialty.

Better, faster, cheaper are key words for companies to survive in a dynamic environment with the markets getting global and the competition more intense. LPS ensures that your product systems assurance and supportability tasks are completed on schedule to fulfill the OEM intent as well as the user’s needs, client’s efficient operational support and low LCC for years to come.



Data Management:

BOM Establishment.
LCN Assignment.

Reliability:   Failure Rate (models such as 217, Telcordia, Mechanical Reliability Prediction, etc.)
Component(s) / System(s) / Sub System(s) failure rate calculation
System(s) / Sub System(s) Reliability Calculation.

Availability and Unavailability:  Required Availability (such as Inherent, Achieved, Operational, etc) Calculation.

Maintainability:  All PM and CM calculation. Suggesting PdM.

FMEA, FMECA, FTA, Spare Optimization, LCC.
Mean Time Calculation (such as MTBF, MTTF, MTTR)
Systems Assurance, Supportability Engineering, ILS.


ILS addresses different aspects of supportability during acquisition and throughout the operation of system LCC, and measured in RAM and safety and Testability (RAM-S-T).  Mostly ILS consists of 10 activities such as RAM, Spare, Equipment Supprt, Manpower, Training, TDP including Provisioning, Computer Resources and Facilities, PHS&T and finaly Design interface (see MIL-STD-1388-2B. MIL-STD-129A, DEF 5691/5692 (Australian Defence Organisation), etc.

Systems assurance and Supportability engineering program

Supportability Engineering program: is focusing on minimizing the cost of ownership and production through identification and elimination or control of cost drives.

Systems Assurance program: is designed for assuring programs to optimize the quality, reliability and maintainability characteristics and safety aspects of the project’s elements and of the completed system. Our approach ensures the system is designed to provide a high degree of safety and reliability, and to minimize downtime during preventive and corrective maintenance activities.

LPS Canada has worked with many businesses over a wide range of sectors in the past. Some of our previous clients include:


Total Outsource Canada Inc. has had the pleasure of working with LPS Canada on several occasions.
I am writing this express my great satisfaction with the work delivered by LPS Canada. LPS has always responded fast to our requirements and delivered high quality products on time while remaining cost effective.
The reange of support and service provided by LPS Canada always met the need of our customers.

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